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'THE WELL':  out in paperback now, a Richard and Judy Bookclub choice for Autumn, 2015 and TV/Film rights sold to a major US studio.



                                                     When Ruth Ardingly and her family first drive up from London in their grime-encrusted car and view The Well, they are enchanted by a jewel of a place, a farm that appears to offer everything the family are searching for. An opportunity for Ruth. An escape for Mark. A home for their grandson Lucien.

But The Well's unique glory comes at a terrible price. The locals suspect foul play in its verdant fields and drooping fruit trees, and Ruth becomes increasingly isolated as she struggles to explain why her land flourishes whilst her neighbours' produce withers and dies. Fearful of envious locals and suspicious of those who seem to be offering help, Ruth is less and less sure who she can trust.

 As The Well envelops them, Ruth's paradise becomes a prison, Mark's dream a recurring nightmare, and Lucien's playground a grave.

 "The Well is Ruth's narrative, a patchwork of memories too painful to forget and those too painful to remember. It is a curious mixture of a story being told, a personal history being recalled, and a reminder being related to a close friend, or even to oneself . . . How could you accurately summarise this book? I've written well over a thousand words and still don't feel I've captured it at all . . . but I couldn't get enough of it. I'll be keeping an eye out for it (and urging everyone to try it) when it's published in March. The Well is comparable to lots of other books in various small ways, but ultimately stands on its own as something totally unique. It confounds expectations and is a stunning debut. 10/10" (Learn This Phrase blog, 10/10)




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 You can find out more about the ideas and thinking behind The Well by taking a look at the Research page of this site. 



There was so much that impressed me . . . The Well asks us where do we seek refuge, and why? And perhaps it shows us that what is left, after all is suffered, is love. Battered, weathered, at the end of the novel it comes cresting over the hill, a herald of relief. Bravo that woman. I loved this book! (JESSIE BURTON author of THE MINIATURIST)


"There's nothing not to love about a debut novelist in their fifties, so I've got everything crossed for Catherine Chanter's The Well (Canongate, £12.99), a literary thriller which has been compared to Margaret Atwood…"  (Huffington Post)


"A markedly assured new voice - its story and narrative voice will put many readers under a deliciously shivery spell"  (The Telegraph)

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